Persuasion by Jane Austen
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Everything located on this site was created by three students at Prairie View A&M University with hopes of assisting those in the education field or college students. Here you will find lesson plans created by each of us as well as lesson plans we found on the web that were useful in our academic careers. You will also find a list of critical essays on the novel. Many of these sources were actually used by us for research papers or other various other uses. Often times when looking for information on the web there are a plethora of options but they are not always helpful. This wiki provides only helpful information. We hope everyone finds this page to be everything and more we hoped it to be.

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Persuasion Lesson Plans

Everything needed for Persuasion
Unfortunately this website is not completely free but there is a lot of information you can preview just to get ideas from. There are chapter summaries, plot summaries, character analyses, an author biography, essay ideas, and a FREE quiz. The only downside to using the information given on this site is it is accessible by students as well and does not have original information. For example, if students wanted to study for a reading quiz they could easily Google "Quizzes over Persuasion" and this website would come up. We advise to use caution when using the quiz questions and essay topics. We used this website frequently as an idea starter and you can too.

Can You Convince Me? Developing Persuasive Writing
Everything on this website is completely free and it is highly spoken of in the education department at Prairie View. This lesson was not adapted for the novel and it targeted audiences is grades 3-5 but it can be used with Persuasion. The lesson is broken into four forty minutes sessions each building on the art of persuasive writing. The first activity includes a game for students to work in cooperative groups. To modify the lesson for the novel the groups can still be used but students would be broken into groups based on characters. One group may be representing Captain Wentworth while the other represents Elizabeth. Based on events of the story the groups would then have create an argument on why a certain event should happen. EX: Anne's argument may be persuading others on why she should not marry Mr. Elliot. The class would then vote on who created the best persuasive argument. Lesson 2 could be omitted if needed because by the high school level students should know persuasion is all around them. The focus on this lesson is writing rather than learning what persuasion is. Steps in lesson 3 could be omitted as well since it refers to the activity done in lesson 2. There may be some students who are not on grade level so the Power-points used as well as the Persuasion Map could be utilized. Lesson 4 deals with the actual writing assignment. The exercise calls for groups and depending on class size and time this could remain the same or become an individual effort. Relating the lesson back to the novel the students would be writing a persuasive essay on the behalf of a character they choose. The lesson also comes with a rubric to help assess the essays better but certain criterion may be added for a high school classroom.
Persuasion Questions
Although this website's intent is to provide study question for an exam, and it can still be used that way, it can be used for other things as well such as class discussions. You can also combine some of the questions and assign it as a paper or make it a part of an exam as open ended responses. The questions are very in depth so the students would have to actually read and comprehend what it going on in the novel.

Teacher's Guide to Persuasion
This website is really great! It includes activities that you and the students can do while reading and discussion question to make the novel more personal to the students. It also includes questions that can be asked on exams or just to see if the student has been doing the reading for each chapter as the class proceeds with the novel. The website as provides a bit of background information on the author, Jane Austen, as well as times when students can reflect on what has happened in the novel already to ensure the students won't forget certain things that have occurred in the novel. 375px-Persuasion.svg.png

Analyzing Persuasion
The Beacon Lesson Plan Library, is an amazing site for teachers to go, for great idea's to teach their students.Teacher Sherry Czupryk focuses on Analyzing a certain Speech/Novel as a whole, rather then going by what other critics think. I believe this is a great lesson because if it is used for persuasion, students can pick out a specific chapter in the book, and go in depth about how that chapter made them feel, think, and believe. Included in the Lesson plan are the grades it can be used for, The different states and standards so teachers can see what best fits the curriculum in their state, as well as the preparation for the final essay, which is described as well.

TeacherVision-Persuasion is also another sweet website with many lesson plans to choose from. Unfortunately the site isn't free, you are only allowed to view 4 lesson plans then you can either choose from a 7 day free trial, or you can just pay 39.95 for a full year. The lesson plan linked above has everything a teacher would need. A lengthy introduction to the basic story line of persuasion, Commentary on History, and Austen's life, as well as activities to do with your students.You can tweak the lesson plan so that it fits your grade level because it doesn't specify on the website. There are different activities you can use but not a final Essay or Quiz so you would have to come up with that on your own.

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